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The best fruit and vegetables for catering and retailers.

Only the safest and tastiest fruits and vegetables are part of the la Centrale catalogue, which distributes a wide and varied selection of products of the highest quality, always guaranteeing freshness, naturalness and compliance with regulations. You too can choose the certified safety and quality.

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2.50 al kgConfezione da circa 5kg



1.80 al kgConfezione da circa 8kg
2.00 al kgConfezione da circa 5kg
1.00 al kgConfezione da circa 5kg



2.00 al kgConfezione da circa 5kg



2.00 al kgConfezione da circa kg
1.50 al kgConfezione da circa 6kg



2.00 al kgConfezione da circa 5kg

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As a company of the Villari Group, we boast over fifty years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the agri-food sector. Environmental protection, attention to safety and respect for nature have always been the fundamental values of our business.

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